Why a Real Estate Agent's Track Record is Important

Why a Real Estate Agent's Track Record is Important

For those thinking about listing Rye Brook homes for sale, your impending decision on which real estate agent to hire will significantly impact how the transaction turns out. The size of your profit will hinge on hiring a real estate agent who is honest and a great communicator, and has an impressive track record of success.

You’ll hear that term quite a bit as you research agents, sit down with a handful of candidates for interviews, and then make a hire. It’s certainly not an empty term or one that can be easily brushed aside or minimized. When hiring an agent, you are hiring performance as much as anything else, and you’ll want to partner with a top-producing agent adept at sealing deals. You don’t want to hire an agent simply because they are charming during an interview. You want to hire one who can back up their answers with impressive sales data.

The market

Rye Brook is a suburb of New York City, located about 30 miles northeast of Manhattan in Westchester County. It is a small, comfortable community of about 9,900 residents. Many Rye Brook homes sell for well more than $1 million. Some of these homes are stately mansions set on large lots with trees.

What measures success

Many factors go into selling Rye Brook luxury homes, including smart marketing using online tools to target the kind of buyers with high net worth who are attracted to these luxury homes. Smart agents know how to market a home to the largest audience of buyers, which in turn can mean a faster transaction that will fetch an offer at or even above the listing price.

Naturally, you want your home to be in the category that sells more quickly and for more money. That is why hiring a real estate agent with an excellent track record of success is imperative. Great agents can navigate any market condition, hot or cold, regardless of whether buyers or sellers hold the cards. Experienced agents know what it takes to close deals, something that will be reflected in their track record of success. They also take great care to ensure that every step of the process is handled smoothly, including negotiating offers, arranging a home inspection, and taking care of all the steps during the closing, including the many forms and documents that must be processed.

Vetting process

The first step in narrowing down a pool of successful agents is to do preliminary research. This can be done by asking friends and family members to recommend agents they’ve used recently to sell their homes and then viewing their sales stats and client testimonials on their websites. Don’t stop there, though. You’ll want to verify those stats and have agents explain them in great detail when you sit down for one-on-one interviews. Understanding these stats will help you eliminate average agents and ultimately lead you to a top-performing agent like Andrew Rogovic, who will be dedicated to getting the very best deal for your home.

Time frame

Generally speaking, you should determine how many transactions an agent has closed in the last two years. This can be broken down further into how many sales they have made in recent months, and through varying market conditions, such as rising mortgage interest rates that can affect how many buyers can enter the market and bid on homes.

You should ask each agent to run a comparative market analysis (CMA) on all of their listings to illustrate how they have done over a certain period and the present. This report should cover at least the last year’s worth of transactions.

You should also ask the agent to run a CMA on the listings in your neighborhood since those Rye Brook luxury homes will be similar to yours in square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and amenities. These reports should show only that agent’s listings, which is what will illustrate their track record of success.

There are many factors you should look at in these reports. The major one is the number of houses sold. The higher the number of homes sold, the better the track record of success, mainly if the number includes houses that are similar to yours and in the same neighborhood.

Another key metric is the number of days on the market. This refers to the number of days it takes from the day a house is first posted on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to the day that it is sold. Once you know what the average is, it becomes apparent that the fewer days on the market, the better job an agent is doing in marketing homes.

Another key stat to focus on is sales price as a percentage of the list price. The closer this number is to 100, the better, because it will show how well an agent priced a home from the beginning, which is important to facilitate a quick sale.

Work with the best

This should give you an insight into the importance of an agent’s track record of success. When it’s time to list Rye Brook condos for sale, let Andrew Rogovic wow you with his expertise in his hometown market.


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